Under the guidance of CNIPA (National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC), China Patent Information Center (CNPAT) cooperates with Patent Examination Cooperation (Beijing) Center of the Patent Office, CNIPA to jointly develop the information sharing platform for patents on epidemic prevention against COVID-19, which is open to the public for free.

The platform provides precise and professional patent information; nearly ten thousand pieces of Chinese and foreign patent technical information related to the epidemic prevention against COVID-19 are selected by the database, are sorted and divided into 9 first-level branches, 35 second-level branches and 78 third-level branches according to the technical relevancy and importance degree, and cover the technical fields of treatment medicines, prophylactic medicines, detection and diagnosis reagents, medical instruments, protective products, medicine disinfection, medical waste treatment, wastewater treatment, artificial intelligence, big data application and the like. The platform offers an analysis report section specifically for intensively recording patent data analysis reports related to epidemic prevention, so that the latest achievements in patent research can be quickly consulted and acquired. The platform is rigorous in system construction, is built based on the core retrieval engine of CPRS, integrates functions of intelligent retrieval, online translation, communication feedback and the like, is free of registration and login, is not limited by regions, and is convenient for inquiry, browse, downloading and use.

People from medical institutions, scientific research institutions as well as the general public are welcomed to actively use and popularize the platform. We will keep updating the patent data resources and improving functions of the platform to assist the epidemic prevention and control through professional and efficient information service capability to win ultimate victory.